14 JUNE 2017

Grief is complicated. Check out my new fiction piece, “Bleeding Heart,” in the Summer 2017 issue of carte blanche.


Reading time! Only hosting this one but you should come check out the awesome line-up regardless. DESTINY: A Reading is going down at Calabash Bistro (428 Carrall St.) and features Nathan Ellis, Chris Evans, Bre Fischer, Alannah Lam, Meg Todd and Laura Yan. $5 entry (free if you RSVP through PocketSocial) and limited zines!

29 FEBRUARY 2016

I’m hosting a reading! IDENTITY: A reading. will take place Thursday, 3 March 2016, at an arts space on 436 W. Pender St. Readers include Nadine Bachan, Stephanie Chou, Karla Comanda, Gena Ellett, Geoffrey Morrow and Jocelyn Tennant, and of course, yours truly. We’ll be exploring themes around identity – how we form it, how it interacts with the world, and the baggage we sometimes carry along with it. Come have fun!

21 DECEMBER 2015

My fiction piece, “Nightshade,” has been published at Sad Mag alongside a dope illustration from Amelia Garvin. A little something for the teenage pothead in all of us.

9 APRIL 2015

I’ve posted a link to my guest stint on Alphabet Soup, where I read 25,000 Wishes and fielded some questions.

11 DECEMBER 2014

Another reading tonight — Locution, at Cottage Bistro. More info can be found here; I’ll be reading alongside Sarah Shiggins, Andrea Elaine Hoff and Stephanie Chou.

22 MARCH 2014

I’ve got a reading coming up — Swoon, at Cocoa Nymph (3739 W. 10th Avenue). It’s all about love and hugs and all that good shit but I’ll probably ruin the vibe by reading something depressing or creepy. The event is April 4 at 7:30 pm, so if you’ve got nothing better to do…

28 AUGUST 2013

Reading tonight at a fun little event — a magical realism reading for Amanda Leduc’s book The Miracles of Ordinary Men. Other readers include Andrea Elaine Hoff, Jay Hosking and Jen Neale! Shit’s gonna be magical or so I’m told.

14 JANUARY 2013

On Thursday, January 24, I’ll be taking the stage at Rhizome Cafe (317 E. Broadway) for the Litany Queer Reading Series. I’ll be reading alongside Nisha Eswaran, Erin Flegg, Sugar le Fae, Amal Rana, Meg Torwl and lee williams. Decent way to burn an evening if you’re so inclined.


Just a reminder that I’m reading at Locution tonight. The event takes place at Cottage Bistro (4468 Main Street) and features Kayla Czaga, Natalie Morrill, and poet Rachel Rose. Come out if you’ve got nothing better to do!

11 NOVEMBER 2012

My short story, 25,000 Wishes, has been published in the Vancouver section of Joyland. The story can be found here. I’m also going to be reading at Cottage Bistro in Vancouver on Tuesday, December 4 for the Locution reading series; more information on fellow readers and special guests when it becomes available!

2 APRIL 2012

Look for my short story, Godspeed, Jill Taylor, in the new issue of Fugue! It’s a short piece that revisits the Vivian character from Party This Weekend and is the most relevant Patricia Richardson has been since 1999.

20 FEBRUARY 2012

I’m happy to announce that my short story, 25,000 Wishes, has been longlisted for the CBC Canada Writes Short Story Prize. On a deeper level, 25,000 Wishes is a story about a couple’s quiet and doomed desperation to understand one another, but really it’s about the importance of keeping insects out of your breakfast cereal.